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We offer window and facade cleaning service for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes. Whatever the height of the building, Cleaning Pirates provides an efficient, safe and high quality window cleaning service, even where access is a problem. Our staff our trained in cleaning different types of surfaces such as glass, plastic, stone, ACP etc

Why Cleaning Pirates for Façade and Window Cleaning?

Whether your cleaning job is small or big we are there to do it for you. Façade or glass we are perfectly capable of handling the situation.

We have…

  • The expertise– we know how to clean facades and glass the way no one else can
  • The required equipment– We have the latest technology hi-tech equipment that has been especially designed for this kind of job.
  • The cleaning solvents–We use the best quality and high grade cleaning agents and solvents, which helps to give good results and has a lasting cleaning effect.
  • The manpower– we have the manpower who know exactly how o get to those unreachable areas.
  • The required skill–Our manpower have been specially trained on

Whether it is the inside of your windows or the outside, it all gets dirty and needs to be cleaned regularly. Hiring the professional like Cleaning Pirates to do the job is the best choice.